Monochrome Big Boy Bedroom

If you follow us on Pinterest or Instagram, then you’re more than likely to have noticed that we have a very open love affair with a monochrome palette. This of course in no way means that we are not fond of or open to other beautiful or more complex colour combinations, this is just simply a reflection of our own personal taste and lifestyle.

We’ve been avid lovers and admirers of this striking combination for so long that even when we do go through our minor phases of jumping in on the latest trend bandwagon (rare for us, but it does happen occasionally) just to change it up a notch around our home or try something a little new in a non-structural and cost effective way, we ALWAYS end up making our way back to our original base eventually. This simple mix inspired by fashion photography from the 1960’s is not just a classic combo, but it also forms a great foundation and background for colourful elements and is also just so easy to pull together.

To prevent it from looking flat and unwelcoming we’ve suggested  a few decorating tips towards monochrome kids’ rooms just to get the ball rolling.

1.  Make white the predominant element of your room, and add black as an accent. Add grey to soften the scheme – it’s made up of black and white so it’s not cheating!

2. Add texture to create depth and add layers of interest. Try woven rugs, tactile fabrics, contrasting matte and gloss surfaces.

3. Add pattern. Combine black and white patterns to prevent the space from looking flat. Think along the lines of cushions, bunting, prints, bed sheets and/ or covers as well as other accessories.

4. Bring in wooden elements to add warmth. Wooden furniture or accessories are the easiest way to do this if you don’t have timber floors.

If you find that a monochrome or white colour scheme is just too clinical for your liking (it’s certainly not everyones cup of tea) – Add some colourful accessories for more of your own personalised vibrant spin on things.

If you’re quite strict with how much colour you want making its way into a room. Add storage! Naturally, with children – their possessions will begin to accumulate in many shapes, forms and colours, so I will say it again – add storage! It’s your new best friend and it’s a complete necessity especially with Kids! There is an abundance of amazing storage solutions on the market these days. Soft and hard finishes – handmade, custom or readily available. Suited to all budgets and styles. Below is just a small selection of some neat picks which can be purchased locally through various NZ businesses.

Monochrome Storage Picks

Play & Go Crosses Play PouchChicos
Liewood Panda Storage BasketSo Beau Baby
Tell Kiddo Alphabet Canvas Storage BagPerch Home
Liewood Storage Basket BlackSo Beau Baby
Ooh Noo Toy Chest On WheelsDapper Mr Bear
Round Storage Solutions Spotlight

To hopefully get you inspired and into the monochrome kids spaces’ swing of things, we snapped a handful of shots to share with you from our own little mans “monochrome big boy bedroom” too.

Enjoy lovelies.

BBB - Main 1

Judah 3

BBB - Shelfie 1

BBB - Desk Space And Bedside.jpg

BBB - Desk Space 1

BBB - Bedside 1

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If you’re in need of sourcing something specific for your own little ones room or you’re needing assistance with pulling your own space/s together – check out our Interior Design Services here or contact us directly through alternatively you can head straight through to our contact page here.

We hope you’re having a fantastic week!